Invisible Maze Space Feline – GB Studio Prototype

4 February 2020

I went to a workshop on making games in GB Studio, a game making tool for homebrew GameBoy games.

After playing around in the system I decided to make this prototype, Invisible Maze Space Feline. This is just a test of collision detection, adding dialogue, and inserting pixel art (I made the instructions screen and title screen in GIMP) but I thought it was worth sharing the video because I found it funny. I’m not sure if I will keep using this tool but it is intriguing to say the least.

The dialogue does not show very well on the video (the tool is optimized for GameBoy  screens) but it reads:
“You Beat Invisible Maze Space Feline!”
“Good Work!”
“You should value your time more!!”
“Also, I am your Mother!”
“I did not miss you!”

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